The Power Hour Services

The Power Hour Services

  • General tidying (kitchen and living areas)
  • Laundry Services
  • Meal preparation
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning and reorganisation of your kitchen pantry/ cupboards
  • Linen services (bedding)
  • Preparing school lunches
  • Grocery shopping and packing away
  • Pet Feeding and Care

All additional requests considered just ask us

How does it work?

The beauty of the Power Hour is that you can hire us for one hour, and build a package that suits you. For example – preparing a meal and fold the washing. You can hire us for two hours and receive a discounted rate. We have our own delicious menu you can choose from, or we are happy to prep and cook meals of your choice.

Please note we’re here to help, but do not offer extensive cleaning services, rather home help including house-keeping and the services above.

More about what we do


The Power Hour – General Services


Our general services to you include the following:

  • Grocery Shopping and Packing away – give us your list of groceries and we will scoot to the shops for you! Come home to them all neatly packed away to your liking
  • Laundry Services – this includes washing of laundry, hanging out the washing and folding the clothes. Please note at this stage we do not offer ironing services.
  • Linen Services – let us freshen your bedding by washing and changing your sheets, doona cover, pillow cases and blankets.
  • Preparing school lunches – Let us prepare the lunches to your liking, including sandwiches, cutting up of fruit, and whatever you like to save you time at the end of the day.
  • Pet Care and Feeding – we love pets! Let us pamper and feed your little treasures!

Additional requests considered. Contact us to Build Your Power Hour!


The Power Hour – Meal Preparation and Cooking

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All meals are all made with your own ingredients, freshly in your own home, waiting for you at the end of your busy day.

Choose from our delicious meals to help build your Power Hour:

  • Lasagne – (1.5 hours)
  • Home-made Tender Chicken Schnitzels – (1 hour)
  • Slow Cooked Curry Beef and Vegetables –(1/4 hour)
  • Chicken Pie (1/2 hour)
  • Spaghetti Bolognese (1/2 hour)
  • Meat Balls in Tomato Sauce topped with mozzarella (1 hour)
  • Chorizo and Chicken Chilli (1/2 hour)
  • Slow Cooked Lamb Hot Pot (1/2 hour)
  • Slow Cooked Steak topped with Tomatoes (1/2 hour)
  • Curried Mince and Vegetables (1/2 hour)
  • Quiche (1/2 hour)
  • Meatloaf (1/2 hour)

Important things to remember:

  • Please allow the allocated time next to each meal when building your Power Hour/s.
  • You can also leave us your recipe and ingredients, and we will cook to your liking.
  • We can prepare a side salad with all of these meals, if you would like this, please allow an extra 15 to your Power Hour/s.

Additional requests considered. Contact us to Build Your Power Hour!


The Power Hour – House Keeping Services


We do a complete tidy of living areas and kitchen, this can include things like:

  • General tidying of living area
  • Picking up children’s toys
  • Dishes
  • Wipe down of benches
  • Vacuum and Mop of living area
  • Clearing out of dishwasher
  • Cleaning and reorganisation of your kitchen pantry /cupboards

Additional requests considered. Contact us to Build Your Power Hour!